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therapeutics and surgery produced, and so human life has

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"Leave me," she said, in a scarcely audible voice.

therapeutics and surgery produced, and so human life has

I shrugged my shoulders, turned round, and walked away.

therapeutics and surgery produced, and so human life has

I SOMETIMES despise myself. . . Is not that the reason why I despise others also? . . . I have grown incapable of noble impulses; I am afraid of appearing ridiculous to myself. In my place, another would have offered Princess Mary son coeur et sa fortune; but over me the word "marry" has a kind of magical power. However passionately I love a woman, if she only gives me to feel that I have to marry her -- then farewell, love! My heart is turned to stone, and nothing will warm it anew. I am prepared for any other sacrifice but that; my life twenty times over, nay, my honour I would stake on the for- tune of a card . . . but my freedom I will never sell. Why do I prize it so highly? What is there in it to me? For what am I preparing myself? What do I hope for from the future? . . . In truth, absolutely nothing. It is a kind of innate dread, an inexplicable prejudice. . . There are people, you know, who have an unaccountable dread of spiders, beetles, mice. . . Shall I con- fess it? When I was but a child, a certain old woman told my fortune to my mother. She pre- dicted for me death from a wicked wife. I was profoundly struck by her words at the time: an irresistible repugnance to marriage was born with- in my soul. . . Meanwhile, something tells me that her prediction will be realized; I will try, at all events, to arrange that it shall be realized as late in life as possible.

therapeutics and surgery produced, and so human life has

YESTERDAY, the conjurer Apfelbaum ar- rived here. A long placard made its appear- ance on the door of the restaurant, informing the most respected public that the above-mentioned marvellous conjurer, acrobat, chemist, and opti- cian would have the honour to give a magnificent performance on the present day at eight o'clock in the evening, in the saloon of the Nobles' Club (in other words, the restaurant); tickets -- two rubles and a half each.

Everyone intends to go and see the marvellous conjurer; even Princess Ligovski has taken a ticket for herself, in spite of her daughter being ill.

After dinner to-day, I walked past Vera's win- dows; she was sitting by herself on the balcony. A note fell at my feet:

"Come to me at ten o'clock this evening by the large staircase. My husband has gone to Pyati- gorsk and will not return before to-morrow morn- ing. My servants and maids will not be at home; I have distributed tickets to all of them, and to the princess's servants as well. I await you; come without fail."

"Aha!" I said to myself, "so then it has turned out at last as I thought it would."